How are holding up on market the car rental companies

companii-de-rent-a-car-237x300Either are Mini, Mini Elite or Economy class cars, or even Full Size, Oversize or Luxury Elite class cars, all rental cars have their own history, their own success to the clients, cause even passions to the regular users of rental cars.

There are even rental cars tops, tops that do not take into account only the price and the number of rentals but complex tops where the auto fleet is taken as a whole, in which take into account the rental frequency as well as the quality of car rental clients. The quality refers especially to the distance and number of days that car has been rented as well as the eventual events that took place during car`s usage and the fact that the client was a come-back client, if he is for the first time in the company, if they recommended other clients too, etc.

These tops whose evaluation criteria are so complex make the big players on the market to optimize to the maximum their activity. What at first seems to be easy to evaluate looks that has other values for big rent a car companies.

Although these reports have never been made public they made an activity that may seem trivial, an excellent activity, where the logistic part has also an essential role.

Often, car rental companies that seemed extremely strong didn`t survived some economical events precisely due to this lack of thorough research of their own activity. Car rental companies that managed to maintain at least on the floating line after the last financial crisis was precisely because they treated in a scientifically way, we can say, the car rental activity.

These companies know due to tops and internal reports how to become flexible to the market`s needs accepting and adapting the customers buying needs as well as turning to the offers that can impose and give a maximum requests considering even the psychological profiles of the existent clients.

When a serious car rental company opens a multi brand generation service or provides booking services is active on socializing networks and helps through special blogs to educate the clients precisely helping them to spend less on better services, is not just an random event.

The companies do not generally spend if they don`t expect a profit, only that, the car rental companies, even the Romanian ones started to think on long and very long term.

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