Used car from rent a car?

Rent2Buy-logoIn United States, starting with 2008 was amplified a new current in automobile trade and that was second hand cars trade from rental cars companies (rent2buy).

Of course like in this field there were pros and cons views, but the controversy only served to amplify the phenomenon after which almost every earthling acceptable salary can afford a good car maybe even a luxury one for only few thousands of dollars.

The followers of scrapped cars  from car rental companies have serious and well documented reasons to be satisfied of their acquisitions.

At first sight the second hand cars from these rent a car companies are high degree of use (lets think at the fact that a 60 miles road -approx 100km- is like it would be for an European a trip to the nearest mall) that means the distances are very large and the cars have thousands of km aboard when they are taken out of use by the car rental company.

However, the car rental companies maintain these cars much better than the cars owners do it . This is specifically the small car rental companies as well as the large ones, because, especially in the United States the companies do their best to respect the law and to please the clients: an unsatisfied customer can cause serious “damage” to the company image.

Probably in this field the Romanian car rental companies are among fewest that copied these standards, the very reason that road event caused by this kind of cars are practically non-existent, their technical condition being permanently verified by producers authorized services, respecting their rules.

One of the car rental companies, Hertz, most probably the biggest companies of its kind in the world, has constantly a cars park for sale extremely appreciated by the buyers. Hertz is selling  the cars used for rental activity when they reach the 50-60.000 km limit but that after a solid technical revision offering in the same time a 12 months guarantee and 12.000 miles both to the engine and the transmission. The cars are for sale even from rental period, the price permanently adjusting by car use and mileage.

Lots of the clients of this service say that this way of sale is an ecological way of recycling the cars delaying in this way their early depreciation and storage in so called Junkyards.

Among sold cars by Hertz we even find extremely appreciated cars, recent models (2011-2012),  luxury and economic class cars.

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